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Clean example: responsive jQuery Mouseover Zoom with horizontal gallery

Mouseover Zoom loading...
This mouseover extension (version: 3.x) is depreciated and will be completely removed / replaced in the next release. Please use new version > 4.1 "fully responsive". It has at least the same features and is updated periodically. The basic difference for implementation is that you need to include other JS and CSS files... For more details please see here

Alternative AJAX-ZOOM opening methods

This will change "ajaxZoomOpenMode" option
Open AJAX-ZOOM at fullscreen mode
Open AJAX-ZOOM in responsive "Fancybox"
Open AJAX-ZOOM in regular "Fancybox"
Open AJAX-ZOOM in "Colorbox"
Enable monitor size fullscreen:
- enable - disable
360°/3D "preview" mode:
- enable - disable
Disable scroll animation:
- enable - disable
Some basic mouseover zoom (flyout window) options
- right - left - inner zoom
Auto width:
- enable - disable
Auto height:
- enable - disable
Flyout animation:
- enable - disable
Smooth move level:
Show title:
- enable - disable
- enable - disable