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Javascript Image Zoom Fullscreen in jQuery Fancybox fluid design
In this example AJAX-ZOOM is loaded into the maximized lighbox (Fancybox). The sizes of the Fancybox and AJAX-ZOOM player inside are determined by the window size. This example can also serve as tutorial on defining the content to load into AJAX-ZOOM player. Ver. 4.0 - image or 360 can be maximazied to Fullscreen now!
tutoriallightboxFancyboxresponsiveadaptive360 product viewer360 viewer360 product image360 product view360 product spinobject vr3d object360 reelthreesixty
An example of creating a simple external gallery and open a lightbox with AJAX-ZOOM by clicking on the thumbnail.
galleryexternal galleryimage setlightboxFancyboxColorboxlightbox gallerylightbox zoom
javascript image zoom
Open AJAX-ZOOM player in a lightbox from a simple link as Ajax invoked content. The content can be 360 degree or 3D animation, a gallery or just a simple high resolution image.
lightboxFancyboxColorboxlightbox gallerylightbox zoom
DemonstrationOpen AJAX-ZOOM in a lightbox from a simple link as iframed content. Right now this is the only possible solution to make AJAX-ZOOM work cross domain, e.g. in eBay auctions.
lightboxFancyboxColorboxlightbox gallerylightbox zoomiframe

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