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Clean AJAX-ZOOM 360°/3D viewer example with objects gallery.

Clean (without unnecessary code) example of the AJAX-ZOOM 360° product viewer and 360° / 3D objects thumbnails gallery. It is the same code that is used in the main example15. We have put all JavaScript code, which loads the viewer and 360 gallery, into one $.axZm360Gallery extension. This makes handling and implementation a lot easier.

Gallery with 360° objects will be loaded after the first spin is fully loaded, please wait...
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To set up the extension, you can use various options, as you would do it with any other jQuery plugin. However, the code is open, and as a developer, you can add your custom options and functionality. In this example, the plugin loads all 360 views from a specified top folder with subfolders. When the first 360 view preloads, the extension displays all other 360 or 3D views in a sliding thumbnails gallery. It can be vertical or horizontal. You can also set the plugin to display only the thumbnails without sliding gallery. Also, define the container where you want the gallery to load. The first image of a 360 view is the thumbnail in the gallery.

Alternatively, there is an option to list exact paths to the folders with 360 / 3D images and even display plain images together with 360 images in one gallery. You can view this cross-media capability of the extension in example29.

The AJAX-ZOOM 360 viewer for itself is extremely flexible. It features more than 400 options, extensive API and event hooks. You can set nearly any aspect of the appearance and adjust the behavior of the viewer in every detail. All controls can be disabled, extended and skinned.