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VR Reel Multilevel Rotate & Zoom

VR Reel multilevel rotate & zoom example. This fully spherical multi-row 3D example of a product uses 9 rows and 90 images per row, making 810 images in total. You can view this object from the top side and bottom. Consider this particular photography example more as proof of concept than how you would produce 360 / 3D views on a daily basis. However, it is possible and surely interesting for high quality, luxury, and expensive products in general; the loading time is acceptable too, and it looks natural.

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The only difference between a regular 360 spin and the multirow 3D is that original images are placed in subfolders of the target folder. E.g., the path passed to the folder is ajaxZoom.parameter = "example=17&3dDir=/pic/zoomVR/nike"; images of each row are placed in subfolders, e.g.

  • /pic/zoomVR/nike/0
  • /pic/zoomVR/nike/15
  • /pic/zoomVR/nike/30
  • /pic/zoomVR/nike/45
  • /pic/zoomVR/nike/60
  • /pic/zoomVR/nike/75
  • /pic/zoomVR/nike/90

You do not need to define these subfolders anywhere. AJAX-ZOOM instantly detects them and proceeds all the images in them. Read more about multirow 3D handling in example28.php

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