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VR Reel Multilevel Rotate & Zoom

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The only difference between regular 360 spin and multirow is that original images are placed in subfolders of the target folder. E.g. the path passed to the folder is ajaxZoom.parameter = "example=17&3dDir=/pic/zoomVR/nike"; images of each row are placed in subfolders, e.g. /pic/zoomVR/nike/0, /pic/zoomVR/nike/15, /pic/zoomVR/nike/30, /pic/zoomVR/nike/45, /pic/zoomVR/nike/60, /pic/zoomVR/nike/75, /pic/zoomVR/nike/90; You do not need to define these subfolders anywhere. AJAX-ZOOM will instantly detect them and procede all the images in them. Read more in example28.php

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