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Responsive multimedia zoom gallery with 360° spins, images, videos and documents navigated over responsive horizontal slider

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AJAX-ZOOM is fully integrateable into any responsive layout. In this responsive example the width of the elements is set as percentage and their positioning and width determined over css "media queries" depending on max-width of the window. So e.g. below 800px the layout changes. Such an approach is very common in modern templates.

The initialization of AJAX-ZOOM and the gallery is done over single jQuery.axZm360Gallery extension. Nevertheless you can pass additional options to each of the scripts (main AJAX-ZOOM and the thumbslider) over jQuery.axZm360Gallery options. Other than in the beforehand example29_*.php here we extensively use "azOptions" object and "axZmCallBacks" object and "onBeforeStart" AJAX-ZOOM callback to overwrite AJAX-ZOOM options which are normally set in /axZm/zoomConfig.inc.php and /axZm/zoomConfigCustom.inc.php. So this examples might be also interesting for developers as even the config files are not modified.