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AJAX-ZOOM - responsive image thumbnails gallery with folders selection

This is another representation of the $.azThumbGallery plugin/extension for AJAX-ZOOM. In this example, the plugin retrieves a list of subfolders from a definable parent folder. It then depicts each subfolder in a three icons layout. Each icon is a tiny thumbnail of one of the images contained in the respective subfolder. Thus, before clicking on a folder the user already gets an idea about what is inside.

After the user clicks on a folder icon, all images from that folder display as thumbnails below or wherever else in your layout. That is one of the flexible options of the plugin. There are also many other options, which for example manage the size of the thumbnails or properties of the responsive grid for the image thumbnails. You can also enable pagination by an option so that the thumbnails always display in one row.

When a user clicks on one of the thumbnails, the high-resolution image opens at full screen or inside a responsively modal window with deep zoom and pan functionality.

All data regarding the folders and images updates automatically. When the administrator adds a subfolder or uploads new images to these subfolders, the frontend instantly reflects these changes. Despite there is only JavaScript in the frontend template, the update of the images that show in your layout occurs automatically.

For example, you choose to depict images organized by months of the year 2018. The year is then the parent folder and months are subfolders. The plugin will automatically add new months and photos uploaded by the administrator over time.

Try various AJAX-ZOOM open mods

Open AJAX-ZOOM at fullscreen mode
Open AJAX-ZOOM in responsive "Fancybox"
Open AJAX-ZOOM in regular "Fancybox"
Open AJAX-ZOOM in "Colorbox"
Please note, that the "ajaxZoomOpenMode" option above can be overridden by by "openModeEnforceFullscreen" option, which value is set to 1024 (pixels) on default. If screen width is less than or equal of this value, the open method changes to "fullscreen" automatically.

Few other extension options

Enable monitor size fullscreen: - enable - disable
Thumbs per page: (fixed number)
Number of thumbs depends on screen size: - enabled - disabled
If "thumbsPerPageResponsive" option (above) is enabled, the number of thumbs per page depends on "thumbsPerPageNumber" option, and in this example, it is set to be the same as the number of thumbnails in one row, which is responsive per breakpoints too. You could also adjust this option to have two rows etc. Resize the browser window to see the difference.

JavaScript & CSS files in Head

<!-- jQuery core, needed if not present! -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="../axZm/plugins/jquery-2.2.4.min.js"></script>

<!-- AJAX-ZOOM core, needed! -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../axZm/axZm.css" type="text/css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="../axZm/jquery.axZm.js"></script>

<!-- AJAX-ZOOM thumbGallery extension, needed! -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../axZm/extensions/jquery.axZm.azGrid.css" type="text/css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../axZm/extensions/jquery.axZm.thumbGallery.css" type="text/css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="../axZm/extensions/jquery.axZm.thumbGallery.js"></script>

<!--  Fancybox lightbox javascript, please note: it has been slightly modified for AJAX-ZOOM,
only needed if ajaxZoomOpenMode below is set to "fancyboxFullscreen" or "fancybox", optional -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../axZm/plugins/demo/jquery.fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css" media="screen" type="text/css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="../axZm/plugins/demo/jquery.fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.js"></script>

<!--  AJAX-ZOOM extension to load AJAX-ZOOM into maximized fancybox,
requires jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css and jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.js, optional -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="../axZm/extensions/jquery.axZm.openAjaxZoomInFancyBox.js"></script>

<!-- Colorbox plugin, only needed if ajaxZoomOpenMode below is set to "colorbox", optional -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../axZm/plugins/demo/colorbox/example1/colorbox.css" media="screen" type="text/css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="../axZm/plugins/demo/colorbox/jquery.colorbox-min.js"></script>

HTML makup in body

<!-- Container where subfolders will be loaded into -->
<div id="selectParentContainer"> - switch folders with AJAX</div>

<!-- Container where thumbs will be loaded into -->
<div id="thumbsParentContainer" style="min-height: 150px;"></div>


$.azThumbGallery - documentation (options)

axZmPath 'auto' The path to the "/axZm" folder, e.g. /test/axZm/
folderSelect 'select' The look of navigation for subfolders. Only useable if "zoomDir" is defined (not with "zoomData"). Possible values: "select", "folders", "imgFolders" or false
zoomDir null A path to subfolders with images; If "folderSelect" is set to false, then you can define the path directly to some folder with images.
firstFolder null After page loads, select from which "zoomDir" subfolder the thumbnails should load first. As an integer (index of subfolder) or string (name of the subfolder). If nothing is defined and there is no hash value (see "setHash" option below), the first subfolder loads first.
zoomData null As an alternative to the "zoomDir" option, where all images from a folder or subfolders are loading, you can define several images from different folders. The value of the "zoomData" option can be CSV string separated with "|".
folderIconPrefix 'folder_icon_' This option applies if the value of the "folderSelect" option is "folders". The value of this option is the prefix of an icon image located in "/axZm/icons" directory. On default, the three icons are: folder_icon_close.png, folder_icon_close_over.png, folder_icon_open.png
imgFoldersSettings {} This option applies only if the value of the "folderSelect" option is "imgFolders".
thumbNumber 3 amount of icons to show, max 3
thumbWidth 32width of the icons
thumbHeight 32 height of the icons
thumbRetina true true doubles the resolution of the thumbnails images
thumbQual 100 jpg quality of the thumbnail image
thumbMode 'contain' possible values: "contain", "cover" or false
thumbsCache true cache thumbnails
thumbOpacity 1.0 opacity
folderNameFunc function This is a "filter" function for the titles of the subfolders. The first argument passed to the function is the name of the subfolder from the file system. This input string can be changed and returned in a different way. On default, this function makes first letter uppercase, replaces _ (underscore) to empty space and truncates the resulting string to max. 15 characters. If you do not want to have any changes, simply set folderNameFunc to function(input){return input;}
axZmCallBacks {} AJAX-ZOOM has several callbacks, https://www.ajax-zoom.com/index.php?cid=docs#onBeforeStart. If you want to extend the functionality of the AJAX-ZOOM viewer by using those callbacks, you can define them in this object.
fullScreenApi false Try to open AJAX-ZOOM at browsers fullscreen mode, possible on modern browsers except for IE < 10 and mobile
setHash false Set location hash when users navigate between the folders. Setting the location hash results in switching between folders when the user hits the back browser button. Also if the location address is copied with the hash, the folder in the hash opens as first.
thumbModel 'grid' Type of thumbnails layout. Possible values are 'grid' and 'fixed'.
When "fixed", the "thumbWidth" and "thumbHeight" options determine a fixed size of the thumbnails.
When "grid", the size is determined depending on the resolution, width of the parent container and the number of thumbnails, which should display in one row. You can define the numbers in the "thumbUlClassGrid" option.
thumbGridAspectRatio 1.0 Aspect ratio of the thumbnails if "thumbModel" is "grid". "thumbUlClassGrid" must contain azGridThumb class. For e.g. 16:9 format set 1.7777777777, for 2:1 -> 2.0
thumbGridTop false Align image at the top position within the thumbnails container. This option might be useful if you define the descriptions for the thumbnails.
thumbUlClassGrid 'azGridThumb azGrid-10-xxl azGrid-8-xl azGrid-6-lg azGrid-6-md azGrid-4-sm azGrid-2-xs' Class for the UL element, when "thumbModel" option value is "grid". On default, you can choose from predefined azGrid-[1-16]-[xs, sm, md, lg, xl, xxl]. It has not much to do with bootstrap. However, the breakpoints are set the same as they are in Bootstrap 3, 4. The number after azGrid- determines how many thumbnails you would like to see in one row and the xs, sm, md, lg or xl letters determine the interval of screen resolutions. The default screen width breakpoints are:
  • xs: under 576 pixels
  • sm: from 576 to 768 pixels
  • md: from 768 to 992 pixels
  • lg: from 992 to 1200 pixels
  • xl: over 1200 pixels
  • xxl: over 1900 pixels width and over 1020 pixels height
That is sufficient to cover any resolution. Thus, azGrid-8-xl means 8 thumbnails in one row at a screen width of more than 1200 pixels. azGrid-6-lg menas 6 thumbnails in one row at screen width between 992 to 1200 pixels etc. The CSS can be changed and extended. When defining the "thumbUlClassGrid" option values using azGrid-x-y CSS classes, please cover all possible intervals (xs, sm, md, lg, xl) like it is set on default, whereby xxl is not required.
thumbUlClassFixed 'azFixedThumb' CSS class for the UL element, when "thumbModel" option value is "fixed".
thumbGridSizes [...] Possible physical sizes of the thumbnail images, when the "thumbModel" option value is "grid". The script instantly chooses the right size depending on pixel density and thumbnails size. The array contains objects with "w", "h" and "q" properties.

	{"w": 100, "h": 100, "q": 90},
	{"w": 200, "h": 200, "q": 90},
	{"w": 400, "h": 400, "q": 80},
	{"w": 600, "h": 600, "q": 75}
"w" is the width, "h" is the height and "q" is the jpeg quality. The thumbnails are genereted instantly.
thumbWidth 120 The width of the thumbnail image, when the value of "thumbModel" option is "fixed".
thumbHeight 120 The height of the thumbnail image, when the value of "thumbModel" option is "fixed".
thumbRetina true Doubles the resolution of the thumbnails images for high DPI screens, when the value of "thumbModel" option is "fixed".
thumbsCache true Cache thumbnails.
thumbQual 90 The jpg quality of the thumbnail images.
thumbMode false Geometry of the thumbnails. Possible values are: "contain", "cover" or false
thumbBackColor '#FFFFFF' Background color of the thumbnails if "thumbMode" is set to "contain".
thumbPadding null Quickly overwrite the CSS padding of the thumbnails, when the value of "thumbModel" option is "fixed".
thumbMarginRight null Integer or null. Quickly overwrite the CSS margin to the right of the thumbs, when the value of "thumbModel" option is "fixed".
thumbMarginBottom null The value can be an integer or null. Quickly overwrite the CSS margin to the bottom of the thumbs, when the value of "thumbModel" option is "fixed".
thumbCss {} Quickly add any CSS by extending the style attribute (inline CSS) for the thumbnails.
thumbPreloadingImg 'ajax-loader-map-white.gif' Image located in /axZm/icons directory, which will appear before the thumbs are loaded, when the value of "thumbModel" option is "fixed". This is a legacy option.
thumbPreloadingClass 'azThumbPreLoader' Layer with CSS class, which will appear before the thumbs are loaded, when the value of "thumbModel" option is "grid".
thumbDescrObj {} An object that contains thumbnail descriptions, e.g.:

			"image1.jpg": "test 1",
			"image2.jpg": "test 2"
Instead of writing out image names, you can also reference them by the index starting from one, e.g.

			1: "test 1",
			2: "test 2"
thumbDescr [] This option is an alternative or amendment to the "thumbDescrObj" option. The option is an array, and it may contain these elements: "fileName", "thumbDescr", "fullDescr". The values for "thumbDescr" and "fullDescr" are returned from request to AJAX-ZOOM. On default, "thumbDescr" returns resolution of the original image. It is adjustable in /axZm/zoomConfig.inc.php or a different configuration file by setting the $zoom['config']['galleryThumbDesc'] and $zoom['config']['galleryThumbFullDesc'] AJAX-ZOOM core configuration options. You can see the usage of this option in example11.
thumbDescrJoin '<br>' If the return from "thumbDescrObj" and "thumbDescr" has more than one element, they are split by this string.
thumbDescrTruncate false Truncate the resulting description by the number of chars that you define in this option and add [...] at the end. Set to false to disable truncating.
thumbsPerPage null In case the number of thumbnails exceeds the "thumbsPerPage" value, the extension appends "page numbers" (pagination) under the container with the thumbnails. Set to null to disable pagination.
thumbsPerPageResponsive null If this option is activated, the number of thumbnails per page depends on screen size. The exact values are defined in the "thumbsPerPageNumber" option. If enabled, the "thumbsPerPage" option overrides the "thumbsPerPageResponsive" option and makes the amount of the thumbnails in a row not responsive.
thumbsPerPageRows 1 The number of rows if "thumbsPerPageResponsive" option is active. Depending on the resolution, the number of thumbnails in each row is defined by the "thumbsPerPageNumber" option.
thumbsPerPageNumber {...} An object that contains pairs of keys and values representing the screen resolution breakpoints and number of thumbnails when "thumbsPerPageResponsive" option is enabled. Default value:

			"xs": 4,
			"sm": 8,
			"md": 12,
			"lg": 12,
			"xl": 16,
			"xxl": 20
thumbsPerPageBreakPoints [...] Array, containing arrays with breakpoint and javascript function, defining the range of screen resolution. The "w" and "h" arguments are passed to the functions, which represent the width and height of the current browser's window size. The default values match the predefined CSS grid, see "thumbUlClassGrid" option:

				["xs", function(w, h) {
					// max-width: 575.98px,
					return w < 576;
				["sm", function(w, h) {
					// min-width: 576px) and (max-width: 767.98px
					return w >= 576 && w < 768
				["md", function(w, h) {
					// min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 991.98px
					return w >= 768 && w < 992
				["lg", function(w, h) {
					// (min-width: 992px) and (max-width: 1199.98px)
					return w >= 992 && w < 1200
				["xl", function(w, h) {
					// (min-width: 1200px)
					return w >= 1200;
				["xxl", function(w, h) {
					// (min-width: 1900px) and (min-height: 1020px)
					return w >= 1900 && h > 1020
pageNavPosition 'bottom' Position of the pagination container. Possible values are: "bottom" ot "top".
thumbsContainer 'thumbsParentContainer' The ID of the container where into thumbnails should be inserted. The container can be responsive or adaptive.
selectContainer 'selectParentContainer' The ID of the container where into the folders navigation (see "folderSelect" option) should be inserted. The container can be responsive or adaptive.
ajaxZoomOpenMode 'fullscreen' This option determines how AJAX-ZOOM should open when the user clicks on an image thumbnail. Possible values:
  • 'fullscreen' - AJAX-ZOOM opens at fullscreen mode, see also "fullScreenApi" option
  • 'fancyboxFullscreen' - AJAX-ZOOM opens in the responsive Fancybox. Fancybox is a commonly used lightbox jQuery plugin
  • 'fancybox' - AJAX-ZOOM opens in a regular fixed width and height Fancybox
  • 'colorbox' - AJAX-ZOOM opens in Colorbox with fixed width and height. Colorbox used to be another popular lightbox plugin
  • 'zoomSwitch' - In case "embedMode" is enabled, which means that AJAX-ZOOM opens next to the container with the thumbnails, clicking on the thumb switches the image within AJAX-ZOOM viewer. This value is set instantly if "embedMode" is enabled.
openModeEnforceFullscreen 1024 Instantly set "ajaxZoomOpenMode" to fullscreen if the width of the device is below or equal to this value. Does not apply / have no effect, if "embedMode" is enabled.
exampleFullscreen 'mouseOverExtension' Configuration set 2, which is passed to AJAX-ZOOM when "ajaxZoomOpenMode" is 'fullscreen'
exampleFancyboxFullscreen 'mouseOverExtension' Configuration set 2, which is passed to AJAX-ZOOM when "ajaxZoomOpenMode" is 'fancyboxFullscreen'
exampleFancybox 'modal' Configuration set 2, which is passed to AJAX-ZOOM when "ajaxZoomOpenMode" is 'fancybox'
exampleColorbox 'modal' Configuration set 2, which is passed to AJAX-ZOOM when "ajaxZoomOpenMode" is 'colorbox'
fancyBoxParam {} If Fancybox is used in "ajaxZoomOpenMode" option, this object represents the Fancybox options .
colorBoxParam {} If colorbox is used in "ajaxZoomOpenMode" option, this object represents the Colorbox options .
embedMode false Display AJAX-ZOOM next to the thumbs. Please see below this list to find out in which examples this option applies.
embedDivID '' This option applies when "embedMode" is enabled. The value is the ID of a container where the script should append the AJAX-ZOOM viewer. In case the "embedDivID" is a responsive container, please set "embedResponsive" to true!
embedResponsive true If "embedDivID" is responsive, you should enable this option.
embedMapInThumb true Show AJAX-ZOOM "image map" in place of selected thumbnail. Needs $.axZm.embedMapParent set via JS or $zoom['config']['embedMapParent'] in PHP file. See example16 to view the effect.
embedExample 9 Configuration set 1 which is passed to AJAX-ZOOM when "embedMode" is enabled
embedZoomSwitchAnm 'SwipeHorz' When the user clicks on a thumbnail, the image inside AJAX-ZOOM switches with one of the following effects: "Center", "Top", "Right", "Bottom", "Left", "StretchVert", "StretchHorz", "SwipeHorz", "SwipeVert", "Vert", "Horz";
embedZoomSwitchSpeed 300 Set speed (duration) of switching. This option overrides the following AJAX-ZOOM internal options: galleryFadeInSpeed, galleryInnerFade, gallerySlideSwipeSpeed. Set the value to "embedZoomSwitchSpeed" to diable this overriding.
embedSwitchWithPage true If "thumbsPerPage" is activated and page numbers are present, then clicking on the page number switches to the first image shown on that page.
embedFirstImage 1 When gallery loads first, the index (number) or a file name which should load first. See also the "firstFolder" option.
Last updated: 2019-02-08
1 examples where $.azThumbGallery is used:
  • example5.php
  • example7.php
  • example8.php
  • example11.php
  • example16.php
  • example21.php
2 you will find the respective configuration set in /axZm/zoomConfigCustom.inc.php after
elseif ($_GET['example'] == [someValue])
There you can change existing options or copy from /axZm/zoomConfig.inc.php other options to change the values.

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