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"Simple" responsive multimedia gallery with 360° product spins, images with progressive zoom feature and videos

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About the multi-media AJAX-ZOOM extension

By default settings, AJAX-ZOOM can spin at a zoomed view. In this example, AJAX-ZOOM media gallery settings are set in the way that for 360 product views, a user has only the possibility to spin a product at none-zoomed state. Additionally, on mouse click or double tap, the media viewer zooms to the maximal zoom level, which is 100% of the original image resolution. At this zoom state, the second click or double tap on touch devices makes the viewer zoom out so that the entire image is visible again.

Indeed, there is nothing special about these features except the loading time of the zoomed view. Because AJAX-ZOOM is using the image-tiles technology, it does not need to load the entire high-resolution image when the user zooms in to see a portion of an image. What AJAX-ZOOM does instead is streaming only the small part of the viewport that is visible to the user. You can, however, disable this image tiles feature by enabling the AJAX-ZOOM simple mode option. It makes AJAX-ZOOM loading and displaying the entire source image on zoom or whenever it is reasonable. Same way, as most of the similar software, does.

What is also different in this example is that in contrast to other examples starting with 29, the thumbnails gallery with media items shows at fullscreen mode too. That is just a preference option in the $.axZm360Gallery extension to AJAX-ZOOM core.

The $.axZm360Gallery extension contains most code that manages the media gallery. You can configure options of the extension same way as you would do it using any other jQuery plugin. For this example, there are also few additional inline JavaScript functions. Those trigger as AJAX-ZOOM callbacks/hooks at certain events. You can define and pass these or maybe your additional custom callback functions through the options object of the $.axZm360Gallery extension. If that is not enough, you can edit the code of the $.axZm360Gallery extension. It is not obfuscated and has some comments that help you initially to get your bearings in the code.

The AJAX-ZOOM viewer and the media extension is manually integrable into any responsive or adaptive layouts. For some e-commerce / CMS software packages, AJAX-ZOOM offers modules/plugins that you can install within a few minutes. Those are really well-elaborated software pieces that perfectly integrate into the respective software. Despite that in those modules, we use a different AJAX-ZOOM example / extension, most of the features of this extension are available too. Generally, the example32 is an obvious alternative to this extension you should consider to use if a media gallery with 360 views and videos is what you a looking for.

JavaScript and CSS in head

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<!--  AJAX-ZOOM javascript -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="../axZm/jquery.axZm.js"></script>
<link type="text/css" href="../axZm/axZm.css" rel="stylesheet" />

<!-- JavaScript for 360/3D gallery -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="../axZm/extensions/jquery.axZm.360Gallery.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../axZm/extensions/jquery.axZm.360Gallery.css" />

<!-- Include axZm.thumbSlider -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../axZm/extensions/axZmThumbSlider/skins/default/jquery.axZm.thumbSlider.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="../axZm/extensions/axZmThumbSlider/lib/jquery.mousewheel.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="../axZm/extensions/axZmThumbSlider/lib/jquery.axZm.thumbSlider.js"></script>


There is also some other css which overwrites the defaults from various css files. Please see source code.

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HTML markup

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<!-- Container where AJAX-ZOOM will be loaded into -->
<div id="axZmPlayerContainer">
	<!-- This div will be removed after anything is loaded into "axZmPlayerContainer" div -->
	<div style="padding: 20px; font-size: 16pt">Loading, please wait...</div>

<div id="spinGalleryContainer">
	<!-- Thumb slider -->
	<div id="spinGallery">
		<!-- Temp message that will be removed after the slider initialization -->
		<div id="spinGallery_temp" class="spinGallery_temp">
			Gallery with 360 objects will be loaded after the first spin is fully loaded, please wait...


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$.axZm360Gallery - documentation (options)

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axZmPath 'auto' Path to /axZm directory, e.g. /test/axZm/
gallery3dDir '' Path to the folder where in subfolders are images for several 360s/3D So if under this path there are any other subfolders, then the first image will be loaded into the gallery. Do not use "gallery3dDir" and "galleryData" at the same time.
first3dDir '' Path under gallery3dDir to the folder with 360 or 3D which will be loaded first
example3dDir 17 Configuration set value which is passed to ajax-zoom, e.g. 17 or "spinIpad" some default settings from /axZm/zoomConfig.inc.php are overridden in /axZm/zoomConfigCustom.inc.php after elseif ($_GET['example'] == 17){
galleryData '' While "gallery3dDir" option simply loads many 360s or 3D from a given folder, with "galleryData" option you can precisely define which 360s or 3D have to beloaded. Additionally you can also define regular 2D images and videos located at some straming platform like youtube, iframed content or load content over ajax, e.g.

galleryData: [
	['imageZoom', '/pic/zoom/animals/animals_014.jpg'],
	['imageZoom', '/pic/zoom/boutique/boutique_015.jpg'],
	['imageZoom', '/pic/zoom/boutique/boutique_013.jpg'],
	['image360', '/pic/zoom3d/Nike_Running'],
	['image360', '/pic/zoom3d/Teva'],
	['image360', '/pic/zoom3d/nike'],
	['imageZoom', '/pic/zoom/boutique/boutique_014.jpg'],
	['imageZoom', '/pic/zoom/boutique/boutique_015.jpg'],
	['youtube', 'q57I1n4s5Hg'],
	['vimeo', '78673338'],
	['dailymotion', 'x144odn']
As you can see in the code example above, galleryData is of type array, containing other arrays for each element. The first array value is data type, the second is link. Possible data types are:
  • 'imageZoom' - path to the image without http:// and without domain
  • 'image360' - path to the folder containing 360 or 3D images without http:// and without domain
  • 'youtube' - video ID
  • 'vimeo' - video ID
  • 'dailymotion' - video ID
  • 'ajax' - path to the file which should be loaded over AJAX request
  • 'iframe' - path to the file which should be set as src of the iframe
If data type is of type 'ajax', the third value can be a function which will be executed when ajax content is loaded (callback).

"image360" is data type for both, 360 and 3D images. The only difference between regular 360 spin and 3D multirow is that original images are placed in subfolders of the target folder. E.g. the target folder is "/pic/zoomVR/nike"; Now if it is 3D multirow and not one row 360, then images of each row are placed in subfolders of the target path, e.g. /pic/zoomVR/nike/0, /pic/zoomVR/nike/15, /pic/zoomVR/nike/30, /pic/zoomVR/nike/45, /pic/zoomVR/nike/60, /pic/zoomVR/nike/75, /pic/zoomVR/nike/90; It is not important how these subfolders are named and you also do not need to define these subfolder names anywhere. AJAX-ZOOM will instantly detect them and procede all the images in them.

Every image must have an unique filename!!! This is also the case if images are prepared for completly different 360s or 3D; If all your sourceimages happen to have the same filenames (e.g. spin001.jpg, spin002.jpg, [...], spin036.jpg), you could then prefix each image of a spin e.g. with the product ID or something else logical to ensure this uniqueness, e.g.
firstToLoad null What should be loaded at first if "galleryData" option is used - null (first item in "galleryData"), name of 360, text, video or "imageZoom" for regular images.
prevNextAllData {} Object containing some settings to enable previous / next button to switch not only between images, but also images and 360/3d; at time videos and external content is not supported in fullscreen mode.

	enabled: false,
	next: {file: '[buttonSet]/zoombutton_slide_vert_next', ext: 'png', w: 20, h: 100},
	prev: {file: '[buttonSet]/zoombutton_slide_vert_prev', ext: 'png', w: 20, h: 100},
	posNext: {right: 0, top: '50%', marginTop: -50, position: 'absolute', zIndex: 5},
	posPrev: {left: 0, top: '50%', marginTop: -50, position: 'absolute', zIndex: 5}
galleryHotspots {} AJAX-ZOOM supports "hotspots" which can be optionally loaded for 3D/360 or 2D (plain images). Hotspots can be configured manually in example33.php which produces a separate JS file with all possible settings. If you have already done this you can define which of these JS hotspot files will be loaded together with your content, e.g.

galleryData: [
	['animals_014.jpg', '../pic/hotspotJS/animals_014.js'],
	['bike360', '../pic/hotspotJS/bike.js']
the first property would be for an individual image, the second is for a 360 (only the folder name). Since hotspots can be defined for a gallery (set of many images) in one JS file and all the 2D images are loaded in this plugin as gallery too, you can also define one path to this JS file with the property name "2D", e.g.

galleryData: [
	['2D', '../pic/hotspotJS/animals.js'],
	['bike360', '../pic/hotspotJS/bike.js']
exampleData 'spinAnd2D' Configuration set value which is passed to ajax-zoom when using "galleryData"; some default settings from /axZm/zoomConfig.inc.php are overridden in /axZm/zoomConfigCustom.inc.php after elseif ($_GET['example'] == 'spinAnd2D') {... additionally to $_GET['example'], image360 is passed over query string as a paramter when 360 or 3D are loaded, so it is available in the config file as $_GET['image360'] and the configuration set can be differed from plain images.
zoomSwitchAnm 'SwipeHorz' When clicked on the thumbs the image inside AJAX-ZOOM will be switched with one of the following effects, possible values: "Center", "Top", "Right", "Bottom", "Left", "StretchVert", "StretchHorz", "SwipeHorz", "SwipeVert", "Vert", "Horz"
zoomSwitchSpeed 300 Speed of switching between images in the gallery.
azOptions {} Not all but some of the AJAX-ZOOM options which are normally set in zoomConfig.inc.php and zoomConfigCustom.inc.php can be set directly as js var in onBeforeStart AJAX-ZOOM callback. The property of the object is the name of the option and value its correstponding value.
divID 'axZmPlayerContainer' The ID of the element (placeholder) where AJAX-ZOOM has to be inserted into
embedResponsive false If "divID" is responsive, set this to true
spinGalleryContainerID 'spinGalleryContainer' Parent container of "spinGalleryID"
spinGalleryID 'spinGallery' Container where thumbs gallery will be loaded into
spinGallery_tempID 'spinGallery_temp' Temp container which some text which will be removed just before gallery appears.
spinGalleryLoadCallback 'onSpinPreloadEnd' Possible values: "onSpinPreloadEnd" or "onLoad"; "onLoad" would make sense if you configure $zoom['config']['spinNoInit'] to be enabled, so the user needs to click somewhere to load all other images of 360/3D;
backgroundColor '#FFFFFF' Background color of the player, possible values: #hex color or "auto". If "auto" AJAX-ZOOM will try to determin the background color. Use "auto" only if you have e.g. black and white on different 360s.
checkReverse true Set true to check spinReverse / spinReverseZ settings upon the below options - "toReverseArr" and "toReverseArrZ"
toReverseArr [] Array with folder names where spinReverse option should be applied
toReverseArrZ [] Array with folder names where spinReverseZ option should be applied
toBounceArr [] Array with folder names where spinBounce option should be set to "bounce".
fullScreenApi false Try to open AJAX-ZOOM at browsers fullscreen mode if available (requestFullScreen)
thumbsAtFullscreen false Show 360 thumb gallery at fullscreen mode, possible values: "bottom", "top", "left", "right" or false; Please note that if you have different content e.g. 360/3D, regular images or video, this option will not work (not implementet yet). It only works for the same content types - if you have only 360/3D or only 2D;
axZmThumbSlider true Use $.axZmThumbSlider extension for the thumbs, set false to disable. Requires:
axZmThumbSliderParam {} Options passed to $.axZmThumbSlider For more information see /axZm/extensions/axZmThumbSlider/, e.g.

axZmThumbSliderParam: {
	btn: false,
	orientation: 'vertical',
	scrollbar: true,
	scrollbarMargin: 5
axZmCallBacks {} Object with AJAX-ZOOM callbacks, https://www.ajax-zoom.com/index.php?cid=docs#onBeforeStart, e.g

axZmCallBacks: {
	onLoad: function(){
		console.log('onLoad fired');
	onSpinPreloadEnd: function(){
		console.log('spin preloaded');
axZmPar '' Additional parameter which can be passed to AJAX-ZOOM
thumbWidth 120 Width of the thumbnail image
thumbHeight 120 Height of the thumbnail image
thumbRetina true true will double the resolution of the thumbnails images but keep "thumbWidth" and "thumbHeight" on screen
thumbsCache true Cache thumbnails
thumbQual 90 jpg quality of the thumbnail image
thumbMode false possible values: "contain", "cover" or false
thumbBackColor '#FFFFFF' Background color of the thumb if "thumbMode" is set to "contain"
thumbPadding null Quickly overwrite the css padding of the thumbs
thumbMarginRight null Quickly overwride the css margin to the right of the thumbs
thumbMarginBottom null Quickly overwride the css margin to the bottom of the thumbs
thumbCss {} Quickly overwride any other CSS
thumbPreloadingImg 'ajax-loader-map-white.gif' Image located in /axZm/icons directory which will appear before the thumbs are loaded
thumbDescr true Show thumb description, if true and thumbDescrObj is not defined, then for 360/3D number of frames will be shown.
thumbDescrObj {} Object containing descriptions of the thumbs, e.g.

thumbDescrObj: {
	boutique_014.jpg: 'Image 1',
	q57I1n4s5Hg: 'Video 1',
	Uvex_Occhiali '360 object 1'
thumbImgObj {} Alternativly to dynamically generated thumbs you can define a list of thumbs. "thumbWidth" and "thumbHeight" options still determin the css of the thumbs. E.g.

thumbImgObj: {
	boutique_014.jpg: '/images/thumb_dbVSGr3.jpg',
	q57I1n4s5Hg: '/images/thumb_mBOG8CL.jpg',
	Uvex_Occhiali '/images/thumb_LWgFmgn.jpg'
thumbIcon true Show 360, 3D or some other icon for the thumbs
thumbIconFile {..} Filenames for icons located in /axZm/icons directory, default:

thumbIconFile: {
	'360': '360_2.png',
	'3D': '3d_2.png',
	'2D': '',
	'youtube': 'youtube_icon.png',
	'vimeo': 'vimeo_icon_1.png',
	'dailymotion': 'video_icon.png'
videoThumb {..} Paths for video thumbs. Depending on the video streaming platform images will be retieved instantly, default:

videoThumb: {
	youtube: {
		url: 'https://i1.ytimg.com/vi/',
		img: 'mqdefault'
	vimeo: {
		url: 'https://vimeo.com/api/v2/video/',
		img: 'thumbnail_medium'
	dailymotion: {
		url: 'https://api.dailymotion.com/video/',
		img: 'thumbnail_480_url'
Notes: dailymotion acceppts only https, does not work on IE8, IE9 if not in https mode
videoUrl {..} Url for the videos, default:

videoUrl: {
	youtube: 'https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/',
	vimeo: 'https://player.vimeo.com/video/',
	dailymotion: 'https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/'
videoSettings {..} Parameters which are passed to the video players, defaults:

videoSettings: {
	youtube: {
		autoplay: 0,
		controls: 1,
		loop: 0,
		rel: 0,
		showinfo: 0,
		theme: 'light',
		html5: 1
	vimeo: {
		autoplay: 0,
		byline: 0,
		portrait: 0
	dailymotion: {
		autoplay: 0,
		logo: 0,
		quality: 720,
		related: 0
for more information see:
$.axZm360Gallery documentation last updated: 2015-06-11

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2 you will find the respective configuration set in /axZm/zoomConfigCustom.inc.php after
elseif ($_GET['example'] == [someValue])
There you can change existing options or copy from /axZm/zoomConfig.inc.php other options to change their values.
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