Release date: February 22nd, 2018
Current version: 5.0.17
Change log

OXID module

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OXID 4.x - 6.x
CE -ok, PE - ok, EE - ?
[last tested with OXID eShop 6.0]
PHP 5.2 - 7.x

In the frontend AJAX-ZOOM plugin for OXID eSales is based on responsive mouseover zoom + optional 360°. In backend there is a possibility for administrators to upload several 360's or import them from zip files or folders, which were previously uploaded e.g. over ftp. Each individual 360° can be configured with separate AJAX-ZOOM settings and attached to all or selected variants. For regular images there are no changes required.

General features

Backend screenshots

Backend - Hotspots & 360 "Product Tour"

Frontend screenshots

Handling regular images

For the regular images there is no need to do anything. You can upload them as always over the backend or merchandise management system.

Handling 360°/3D

To add 360° images simply edit an product. There you find the ""AJAX-ZOOM 360" tab with following possibilities.



  1. Make sure the free Ioncube loaders are installed on the server
  2. Please test and install this module in a test environment or make backups.
  3. Unzip the module and upload it into /modules directory preserving the directory structure. You should have /modules/ajaxzoom/ajaxzoom directory with most files and under /modules/ajaxzoom there should be only logo.png und vendormetadata.php files.
  4. Make sure, that /modules/ajaxzoom/ajaxzoom/pic is writeable by PHP (CHMOD).
  5. In backend area navigate to EXTENSIONS -> Modules and activate AJAX-ZOOM module.
  6. During activation the AJAX-ZOOM module will try to download the latest AJAX-ZOOM version instantly and place it into /modules/ajaxzoom/ajaxzoom/axZm directory. You can also make this step manually before activation. If instant download during activation fails for some reason you can also download AJAX-ZOOM core files manually and upload the entire axZm folder to /modules/ajaxzoom/ajaxzoom/ over FTP...


AJAX-ZOOM has not been downloaded instantly

Please see installation steps above. Upload AJAX-ZOOM main scripts manually.


If you encounter any other troubles please report / contact our support. We will fix and document it with highest priority.


There is no need to order AJAX-ZOOM before you have successfully installed and tested it!

The license price primarily depends on the number of different images, which are displayed on a domain in the AJAX-ZOOM viewer. For the complete license agreement, please visit the download section.


Ver. 1.1.2
Some cosmetics within backend
Ver. 1.1.1
Options update; PSR-2 coding style
Ver. 1.1.0
To update, please perform the following steps:
- overwrite modules/ajaxzoom/ajaxzoom directory.
- Update modules/ajaxzoom/ajaxzoom/axZm directory with the latest version.
- Delete previous settings:
- Deactivate the module, then reactivate it.
- Possibly save settings once.
Ver. 1.0.0
OXID plugin released.

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