Release date: November 7th, 2017
Current version: 5.0.13
Change log

WooCommerce plugin

In the frontend AJAX-ZOOM plugin for WooCommerce (WordPress) is based on responsive mouseover zoom + optional 360°. In backend there is a possibility for administrators to upload several 360's or import them from zip files or folders, which were previously uploaded e.g. over ftp. Each individual 360° can be configured with separate AJAX-ZOOM settings and attached to all or selected variants. For regular images there are no changes required.

New version: support for WooCommerce 3.0+ and more, see changelog.

General features

Backend screenshots

Frontend screenshots

Handling regular images

For the regular images there is no need to do anything. You can upload them as always. However for product vatiations there is a possiblity to add any number of images without additional plugins. On default there is not such an option in Woo.

Handling 360°/3D

To add 360° images simply edit an product. There you find the ""AJAX-ZOOM 360" tab with following possibilities.



  1. Make sure the free Ioncube loaders are installed on the server
  2. Switch to Plugins and click on "Add New".
  3. Select "Upload Plugin" and upload
  4. Click "Install Now" and then "Activate Plugin" when ready.
  5. The activation might take some time as the plugin will try to download AJAX-ZOOM main scripts instantly. If that fails for some reason download AJAX-ZOOM manually and upload /axZm directory into /wp-content/plugins/ajaxzoom/


AJAX-ZOOM has not been downloaded instantly

Please see installation steps above. Upload AJAX-ZOOM main scripts manually.

AJAX-ZOOM does not work in a different Template / Theme

Please read if AJAX-ZOOM does work in default theme but does not work with a third party template...

The dynamic output in frontend template is registered over
add_action( 'woocommerce_product_thumbnails', array( 'ajaxzoom', 'show' )) or
add_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product', array( 'ajaxzoom', 'show' ))

Accordingly the output must be triggered in frontend template by
do_action( 'woocommerce_product_thumbnails' ); or
do_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product' );

If neither of the two do_action functions are present / missing in frontend template, then there will be no output and AJAX-ZOOM cannot be visible at all.

AJAX-ZOOM is not showing correctly

If AJAX-ZOOM code is returned on the product details page but you do not see anything or AJAX-ZOOM does not work properly, then you might need to make some adjustments for you theme. Go to Wocommerce Settings -> AJAX-ZOOM -> General Settings. At very bottom there is a widget with which the adjustment should be possible for any template.

AJAX-ZOOM is shown but not when you click on the mouseover image

Please check in browser console under network -> XHR if the request to zoomLoad.php returns error 500 (server error). This might happen because of wp-content/plugins/ajaxzoom/lic.php which includes the WP config file in order to quickly read the license data entered in the AJAX-ZOOM plugin configuration page at the backend. The error is likely to be present if WordPress has been installed using Bitnami. Try to comment out / remove everything in lic.php; if AJAX-ZOOM works now please just keep it like this. You can also enter / hardcode licensing information into wp-content/plugins/ajaxzoom/ without retrieving the values from DB which is even more faster.


If you encounter any other troubles please report / contact our support. We will fix and document it with highest priority.


There is no need to order AJAX-ZOOM before you have successfully installed and tested it!

The license price primarily depends on the number of different images, which are displayed on a domain in the AJAX-ZOOM viewer. For the complete license agreement, please visit the download section.


Ver. 1.0.9
Diverse bugfixes and new options. Tested with latest WP and Woo.
Ver. 1.0.8
Fixed a possible error "can't use function return value in write context" in class.ajaxzoom.php
Ver. 1.0.7
Support for WooCommerce 3.0; implemented new mouseover zoom (version 5); Created a widget in plugin settings to adjust / change AJAX-ZOOM injection into detail page (target container, additional css, js, options etc). With this widget it is 99.9% guarantied that AJAX-ZOOM can be adjusted to work with any theme.
For update from previous versions - overwrite plugin files, update axZm directory, deactivate and activate plugin. Navigate to plugin settings, select "reset" tab and reset settings.
Ver. 1.0.6
Added missing DB table for individual deactivation.
Ver. 1.0.5
Some improvements.
Ver. 1.0.4
Added new hotspots editor.
Ver. 1.0.3
Fixed bugs creating db table for variants images. Fixed 360 uploding problems on "localhost".
Ver. 1.0.2
Several improvements and speed optimizations.
Ver. 1.0.1
Added a tab where you can upload unlimited images for product variations. WooCommerce supports only one on default without additional plugins.
Ver. 1.0.0
WooCommerce plugin released.

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