Release date: November 2nd, 2018
Current version: 5.3.9
Change log

WordPress shortcode plugin

For now, we do not have a separate WordPress plugin. However our latest WooCommerce plugin has a new feature, which generates a shortcode, which can be placed anywhere into other WordPress pages and posts by simply copy & paste this shortcode.

The integration supports all features including Hotspots, 360 degree objects product tours and videos. Hotspots and 360 product tours are generated over the integrated editors opened in the admin area after 360 images have been uploaded or images added to a "dummy WooCommerce product".

Under a "dummy WooCommerce product" is meant, that you do not need to operate a shop on your WordPress website using WooCommerce, but you can still install the free WooCommerce plugin, disable "Shop", "Cart" and "Checkout" menu pages and use the WooCommerce plugin at the admin area just to manage the 360 images and / or images you would like to show in AJAX-ZOOM player.


As you can see in the screenshots below there are possiblities to generate shortcodes for any type of media (360 / 3D, images and videos), as well as a shortcode for all media types of a paricular "product". If you want to to display single images or 360 in a separate player instance, you can simply copy this shortcode and place it into your posts. If you want to have images and / or 360 and / or videos in a single player, you shoud create a new "simple" product in WooCommerce, whereby a product can be interpretet as a set of media you want to display in a multi-media gallery.

Btw: the hotspots can be placed on 360 images and regular images as well! The frontend integration is based on this example. You have tons of options, which can be configured globally for all player instances or for each "product" or media type sets individually.

Shortcode Screenshots


In order to use AJAX-ZOOM within your WordPress pages or posts, you should: While the WooCommerce plugin is free to use, AJAX-ZOOM can be freely installed and tested with some limitations, but it is not free. The price primary depends on how many images you are displaying inside AJAX-ZOOM player.

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