Release date: August 16th, 2017
Current version: 5.0.7
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Responsive jQuery Mouseover Zoom together with AJAX-ZOOM fullscreen or lightbox on click & optional 360°/3D object spins with zoom! Prior to Ver. 4.0 of this AJAX-ZOOM mousehover zoom extension it was optionally responsive for the flyout window. The actual "preview image" was not really responsive. In this new mousehover zoom extension Ver. 4.0 everything is absolutly responsive now.
In this example AJAX-ZOOM is loaded into the maximized lighbox (Fancybox). The sizes of the Fancybox and AJAX-ZOOM player inside are determined by the window size. This example can also serve as tutorial on defining the content to load into AJAX-ZOOM player. Ver. 4.0 - image or 360 can be maximazied to Fullscreen now!
Responsive image hover zoom (gallery) effect + fullscreen progressive zoom on click
Responsive hover thumb zoom gallery. Responsive hover thumb zoom gallery
An example of creating a simple external gallery and open a lightbox with AJAX-ZOOM by clicking on the thumbnail.
Open AJAX-ZOOM player in a lightbox from a simple link as Ajax invoked content. The content can be 360 degree or 3D animation, a gallery or just a simple high resolution image.
DemonstrationOpen AJAX-ZOOM in a lightbox from a simple link as iframed content. Right now this is the only possible solution to make AJAX-ZOOM work cross domain, e.g. in eBay auctions.

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