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library zoom software
Loads a set of images, e.g. an old book or newspaper and allowes to search keywords, visually highlight the results and zoom to these hotspots.
jQuery image slider
This jQuery image slider is a wrapper and extension of AJAX-ZOOM jQuery plugin. The extension adds diverse functionality like bullet navigation to AJAX-ZOOM by using several callbacks and AJAX-ZOOM API. Because the code is written very simple it might be demonstrative for developers who whish to extend AJAX-ZOOM to suit their own needs.

Derived examples:
image slidergalleryzoom galleryconfiguratordeveloper
html5 360 iPad zoom
Display 360° or 3D product animations together with plain 2D high resolution images in one gallery. Optionally add Videos from Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion and other content.

Derived examples:
360 gallerygalleryexternal galleryvideoyoutubemultimedia360 product viewer360 viewer360 product image360 product view360 product spinobject vr3d object360 reelthreesixty
External description gallery
External description of the images in the gallery, "numbers" navigation and other API implementations.
zoom gallerygallery
Liquid layout 360
An example of AJAX-ZOOM 360 placed inside a container with dynamic width and height.
360 gallerygallery360 product viewer360 viewer360 product image360 product view360 product spinobject vr3d object360 reelthreesixty
Liquid layout
An example of AJAX-ZOOM placed inside a container with dynamic width and height.
Fullscreen open javascript
This example returns a Thumbnail gallery after instantly parsing a folder looking for images. Bei clicking on the thumbnails AJAX-ZOOM opens at fullscreen mode with this particular image in high resolution.
fullscreengalleryexternal galleryimage set
Image map outside
No toolbar, image map outside, zoom slider enabled, custom navi using api functions, custom gallery, free html layout.
galleryexternal gallery
Demonstration of the methods jQuery.fn.axZm.zoomSwitch() and jQuery.fn.axZm.loadAjaxSet() to switch single images or entire image sets.
galleryexternal galleryimage set
Demonstration of the methods jQuery.fn.axZm.zoomSwitch() and jQuery.fn.axZm.zoomPrevNext() for switching images by external JavaScript. This example uses a different skin - AJAX-ZOOM is skinnable!
galleryexternal gallery
hover thumb
Responsive image hover zoom (gallery) effect + fullscreen progressive zoom on click
hover thumbexternal gallerygalleryresponsiveadaptiveFancyboxColorboxiframe
hover thumb
Responsive hover thumb zoom gallery. Responsive hover thumb zoom gallery
hover thumbexternal gallerygalleryresponsiveadaptiveFancyboxColorbox
An example of creating a simple external gallery and open a lightbox with AJAX-ZOOM by clicking on the thumbnail.
galleryexternal galleryimage setlightboxFancyboxColorboxlightbox gallerylightbox zoom
image zoom gallery
Embedded example. Also contains a demonstration of how to externally load a different set of pictures into AJAX-ZOOM without reloading the page. Custom frame around AJAX-ZOOM.
galleryimage set

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