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Fullscreen open javascript
This example returns a Thumbnail gallery after instantly parsing a folder looking for images. Bei clicking on the thumbnails AJAX-ZOOM opens at fullscreen mode with this particular image in high resolution.
fullscreengalleryexternal galleryimage set
Demonstration of the methods jQuery.fn.axZm.zoomSwitch() and jQuery.fn.axZm.loadAjaxSet() to switch single images or entire image sets.
galleryexternal galleryimage set
An example of creating a simple external gallery and open a lightbox with AJAX-ZOOM by clicking on the thumbnail.
galleryexternal galleryimage setlightboxFancyboxColorboxlightbox gallerylightbox zoom
image zoom gallery
Embedded example. Also contains a demonstration of how to externally load a different set of pictures into AJAX-ZOOM without reloading the page. Custom frame around AJAX-ZOOM.
galleryimage set

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