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180° product photography / AJAX-ZOOM «spinBounce» option explained, including photography / rendering examples

Posted on 2018-07-17

There are several objects, where the back is not very interesting, or it is just impossible to photograph them from the back side. As an example, one can mention a wall-mounted washbasin, a fireplace / stove or a shelf. In this article, you will see some examples and description of the associated AJAX-ZOOM option that enables incomplete 360-degree rotation.

Generally, this option is helpful if the last frame does not blend perfectly with the first in a loop, as seen in the "Teva" shoe in the example below. Further areas of application for this option are HD image sequences such as time-lapse photography. Click on the thumbnails below the player to toggle between various examples.

The below view was built with the multi-media AJAX-ZOOM extension
Loading, please wait...
Gallery with 360 objects will be loaded after the first spin is fully loaded, please wait...

Use the above buttons to toggle between the values of the "spinBounce" option. The default value in the AJAX ZOOM is false. It is assumes that a complete 360-degree rotation is present. But even with a perfect loop, which would qualify for a complete spin, you can, of course, use the "spinBounce" option - to see the orange colored bag, if it makes more sense to you.

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