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Current version: 5.3.9
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In other sections of you can find a lot of information on AJAX-ZOOM and how to integrate / install this software. In our new blog section, individual topics will be treated, which do not fit in the scope of the documentation or for which a new AJAX ZOOM example is not necessary.

180° product photography / AJAX-ZOOM «spinBounce» option explained, including photography / rendering examples

Posted on 2018-07-17
There are several objects, where the back is not very interesting, or it is just impossible to photograph them from the back side. As an example, one can mention a wall-mounted washbasin, a fireplace / stove or a shelf. In this article, you will see some examples and description of the associated AJAX-ZOOM option that enables incomplete 360-degree rotation.
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How many photos are needed for a 360° product spin?

Posted on 2018-07-16
People often ask us about the number of photos (frames), which they need for a simple 360 rotation. This question is asked even by customers, who already bought a set for the 360° product photography. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. To visualize the difference, in this article can to switch stepwise between 6 and 180 frames for a standard 360-degree product spin, experience the gap and make a decision. The paper provides some additional information for consideration.
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Amazing multi-resolution 360° anaglyph (stereoscopic) object photography example

Posted on 2018-07-11
Whether VR glasses or anaglyph glasses. The principle behind is the same and is not new. Two images of the same object are taken from a slightly different angle and constitute the basis for a three-dimensional view effect. The goal is to imitate the distance between human eyes. While viewing, these two images have to be displayed separately for each eye either side-by-side in a box or combined into one image with color separation. The spatial representation is then "summed up" in the brain. The combining method with color separation requires only cheap glasses with color filters in them. In this experiment, 72 double images of an object were taken from around the object in equal steps. In the article, the result presents in the AJAX-ZOOM 360-degree player.
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Visualization and explanation of the new AJAX-ZOOM «simpleMode» option

Posted on 2018-07-09
AJAX-ZOOM was initially developed as multi-resolution image player with image tiles technology. However, in the past, it had some drawbacks regarding the overall handling compared to traditional image viewers. Now, when all these disadvantages no longer exist, AJAX-ZOOM undeniably evolved to one of the best 360 image players on the market. With the new "simpleMode" option, you can now use AJAX-ZOOM also without image tiles technology for low-resolution images having the advantage of almost all other AJAX-ZOOM decent features like hotspots, "360 product tours", API functions and endless options to adjust the look and feel.
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