Release date: September 7th, 2018
Current version: 5.3.7
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AJAX-ZOOM examples with galleries

Embedded zoom player with gallery and possibility to switch between folders with images. Navigation to switch between the folders with images is built with bootstraps "navbar" instantly. This example is also a demonstration of how to load a different set of pictures over $.fn.axZm.loadAjaxSet API into AJAX-ZOOM player.
An example of creating a simple external image thumbnails gallery and open AJAX-ZOOM player by clicking on the thumbnails. The player can be opened optionally in a lightbox such as Fancybox (also responsive) or full screen / full browser window. The number of thumbnails can also be limited and displayed via page navigation.
Responsive hover zoom thumb gallery with various options. Upon a click on the thumbnail the AJAX-ZOOM player is opened optionally in a lightbox such as responsive Fancybox or immediately at full screen / full browser window.
Responsive image hover zoom (gallery) effect + full screen progressive zoom on click. Besides opening the AJAX-ZOOM player at full screen or responsive Lightbox the embedded image with hover effect can be optionally replaced with AJAX-ZOOM player to display high resolution image in it. You can switch to this mode directly in this example. It is great for editorial content because the HTML essentially consists out of an "img" tag and can be easily inserted via WYSIWYG editor.
In this example several images from different locations are loaded into external gallery. Selected image is displayed in embedded AJAX-ZOOM player. Contains an external control to switch to previous and next images over $.fn.axZm.zoomPrevNext() API.
In this example the plugin generates a select form element or some other html to display the subfolders. When switched thumbnail images from the particular folder are instantly generated and displayed in external area specified for the gallery. Clicking on a thumb switches the image in AJAX-ZOOM player which is displayed next to the external gallery.
Disabled toolbar, "image map" and thumbnails gallery are placed outside of the player, actually free html / css layout. The entire constellation is triggered by $.azThumbGallery extension which is adjustable over several options and can be also adjusted by your developers to suit your needs.
This example returns a thumbnail gallery after instantly parsing a folder looking for images. When clicking on the thumbnail AJAX-ZOOM opens at fullscreen mode or a lightbox with this particular image in high resolution. The folder overview shows some images containing in a particular folder.
Browser window filled layout with AJAX-ZOOM Player, which occupies the largest part of the window. Vertical (internal) gallery is enabled and the toolbar is disabled. On small screens the gallery disappears, which is adjustable by an option. The entire layout is controlled by simple JavaScript. Images are loaded from different directories and are determined by "zoomData" parameter. The AJAX-ZOOM $.fn.axZm.loadAjaxSet API function allows the images to be exchanged dynamically.
An example with AJAX-ZOOM placed inside a container, which has responsive width and height. The dimensions are set with CSS and css media queries breakpoints.
An example of AJAX-ZOOM 360 / multimedia gallery placed inside a browser window filled layout, which is dynamically adjusted by JavaScript.
External descriptions of the photos placed under the AJAX-ZOOM image swipe slider. Additionally there is an internal and two column, vertically arranged miniature views gallery. The descriptions are defined within JavaScript and are exchanged by means of AJAX-ZOOM callbacks / hooks after the image change within the slider. In full-screen mode, descriptions are displayed within / over the Player. In addition, an instantly generated and controlled via API number navigation is placed over the player. The entire code for this functionality is commented and is easy to adapt / extend.
This is a demo where AJAX-ZOOM hotspots related API functions are extensively used. The task was to create an example where parts of the image could be dynamically highlighted upon OCR data stored in and loaded from XML files. The OCR schemes supported are "hOCR" and "ALTO", whereby it is quite easy to adjust the scripts to support other schemes. We have also extended this example to search within this OCR data and implemented an autosuggest javascript box. It can search within loaded "page" only or entire set of images (books, newspaper, technical drawings...) which contain text. Selecting a word leads to generating a list of pages and matches within the set of pages. Pages, which do not contain a searched word, are instantly hidden from the vertical thumbnails gallery. Selected words are instantly highlighted on a given page and the user can zoom into this word by clicking on dynamically generated buttons. As a developer you are able to extend this demo with your code. A perfect tool for museums, digital archives and other publishers. Especially with the newly introduced gallery swipe feature on all devices it is unbeatable.

Modules / plugins

"Modules / plugins / extensions" are not needed to use AJAX-ZOOM. However these wonderful modules will facilitate and speed up the integration of AJAX-ZOOM into various established CMS or e-commerce / shopping cart systems. If all conditions are met, then you will have AJAX-ZOOM running in your shop within two minutes. The modules can be installed and configured with just a few clicks without writing a single line of code.

Magento PrestaShop WooCommerce WordPress shortcode Opencart Oxid Shopware

Available are modules for Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce (WordPress), Opencart, Shopware und Oxid (the last two are commonly used in German speaking countries).



The license price is primarily based on the number of different images that are displayed on a domain in AJAX-ZOOM Player. Full license agreement and price list can be found in the download area. Of course the demo (Light) version can be downloaded and tested in your environment free of charge.

If necessary, we can issue a time-limited license free of charge, whereby AJAX-ZOOM and the modules / plugins should work with few restrictions without entering the license data. If something does not work as expected, do not hesitate to contact us. The prices are one time payment.

To use live-support-chat you will need to have Skype installed on your device.

In case live support over Skype is not immediately available please leave a message or send us an email over contact form at first.

Every AJAX-ZOOM related inquiry / question will be answered!